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Local Farms


Brand Listing Guidelines

Sustainability is a broad concept. For a start, we've defined it as any step towards a more sustainable alternative. Hence, we currently look at brands that meet any one of the following criteria:


Any homegrown, local artisan that provides for their community

Any sustainably sourced products

Any brand that creates positive social impact

Any functional foods with credible or certified health claims

Any meat and dairy alternatives that reduce the strain on the environment and resources

Any plant-based foods

Any upcycled ingredients and products made from food waste and byproducts


This list is only a rough guideline and even if you may meet one or more of the abovementioned criteria, there are more details we look at on a case-by-case basis to determine if we are able to support your brand. Of course, we would prefer if brands meet more than one, or all of the relevant criteria. Eventually we'll also aim to help brands become more sustainable and increase the listing demands for sustainable brands.

Join us

If you feel that your brand is strongly aligned with our values and you've met one or more of the criteria set out in our brand listing guidelines, please feel free to get in touch with us.


We'd love to learn more about your brand and see how we could work together to get more people to know about you.


Leave a message on the website, or preempt our enthusiasm by sending us your whole pitch - marketing deck, product list, lifestyle photos and all, to