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Celebration Kit

A celebratory gift bundle that's perfect for the workplace! Treat your team to an end of the week celebration. It's time to celebrate the small wins, successful deals and all things positive.
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What's Inside
The standard Celebration Kit contains a mini 187ml bottle of soy wine and 2-3 mini snack packets - perfect for one person.
The Plus version of the kit will contain 2 mini bottles and 4-6 snacks, which makes for a wholesome gift.
Product Availability
  • We seek your understanding that pictures are for illustrative purposes. 
  • Items may be swapped out based on availability and your indicated dietary preferences.
  • If you require only a part of your order to have a different dietary preference (e.g. 2 out of 10 colleagues), please send us a message to inquire.
  • Product flavours may be randomised based on available stock. For example, if you order fifty boxes, they may contain the same product but with different flavour variations (e.g. 30 boxes contain Tom Yum flavour of Product X; 20 boxes contain Mala flavour of Product X).