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Food Discovery Box
Food Discovery Box

Food Discovery Box

A foodie's dream come true. Get a surprise curation of food products from sustainable and homegrown brands. You can expect a selection of fun and surprising treats that showcase the range of brands that we work with. Treat yourself or send a gift to a loved one!
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Each monthly box contains a curated selection of 5-7 treats.

The range of items includes mostly snacks, with occasional drinks, sauces and novel items.
If you have selected a dietary preference, we may likely swap featured products and brands to meet the requirements you've indicated.
Delivery Schedule
  • The last order date falls on the last day of each month.
  • All orders will be shipped starting the second week of the next month. 
    • E.g. If you place an order on 5 June 2022, you will receive the July 2022 box, delivered starting the second week of July 2022.
Product Availability
  • We seek your understanding that pictures are for illustrative purposes. 
  • Items may be swapped out based on availability and your indicated dietary preferences.
  • Product flavours may be randomised. For example, if you order two boxes, they may both contain the same product but with different flavour variations
    • E.g. Order A has Tom Yum flavour of Product X; Order B has Mala flavour of Product X).