Suzanna representing Urban Origins at the Sustainability Innovation Programme 2022.

Our Green Partners
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Why Shop Local & Sustainable?

We're seeing an increasing global urban population, supply chain disruptions and the effects of climate change. As young parents, we worry about our children's food future. What will future generations eat?


There are many food solutions today that seek to address such pressing global issues. These include urban farming, alternative protein and upcycled food. Since the pandemic, more home-based businesses have emerged to provide for their communities.


With these local and sustainable food sources, we can better ensure our food security.


What is SG "30 by 30"?
Discover Local Quality

Urban Origins supports Singapore’s “30 by 30” goal to provide for 30% of our nutritional needs by 2030. We know our community cares about where their food comes from, and the origin of what they consume.


Our food producers and partners place great care in their craft. They are innovative entrepreneurs driven to perfect their products for conscious consumers. Many of them navigate daily professional and personal challenges too.


You’ll get to find out more about each producer and realise what goes into getting the food to your plate. Together we can contribute towards a more resilient food system that sustains future generations.